Wilmington’s inclusive small business center for minority entrepreneurs.

Who Owns Channel?

Live Oak Bank owns and operates Channel as a long-term investment in the economic diversification of small business throughout the region. Not only is a diverse economy more resilient, building personal relationships with our business owners centers our values and puts into practice our long-standing commitment to service.

Who can use Channel’s resources?

Everyone. Every part of Channel has been designed to provide personalized, equitable, and accessible resources specifically for minority business owners. We focus heavily on building a diverse community of entrepreneurs who share lived experiences and support each other through understanding and accountability. Our space, our team, our programing, and our resources are available to all.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. All our services, programing, events, and space are available to business owners at no charge.

Do I have to live in Wilmington to be a client?

No. Our coworking space and team are located in Downtown Wilmington. While we accommodate virtual coaching sessions as needed, the majority of our services are centered in the Cape Fear region.

Do I have to be a Live Oak Bank customer?

No. While Live Oak Bank powers Channel, having an established relationship with us is not a requirement. If Channel clients need a banking relationship, we’re happy to provide assistance evaluating the best match for every business’s unique needs.

Can I use Channel’s space for my upcoming event?

Possibly. Use the following eligibility criteria to see. Admission must be free. The organizer must be a Channel client or non-profit. The event must be between the hours of 8am and 5pm. We will prioritize the needs of our business owners first, business ecosystem partners second, and non-profits third. If your event isn’t eligible, we have multiple clients who manage local venues and would be happy to make recommendations.

Does Channel give businesses financial grants?

No. We provide direct assistance across a wide range of professional services and complexity levels.

What if I haven’t technically started my business yet?

We’ve got you. If your business is still an idea, you’re transitioning from a side-hustle, or ready for your first investment, we can help you get to the next level. We will help you navigate each step from where you are today.

How can I help support the work Channel is doing?

Spread the word. Community is everything and your vote of confidence goes a very long way. Follow us on social media (Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, YouTube), interact with our content, share with your friends, come by for a tour, or reach out to Channel’s Director, Chakema Clinton-Quintana, to inquire about how you can support our business owners.